About Us

Who are we?

Well it all started with a phone call…

A young lady had been assigned to work for a local authority in their help and information centre – however she was unable to work due to fact that she was blind. She rung CRMC, the developers of the software used in the centre, and this got them thinking. 


This is Rinat. She is the first person to ever use the new software.

Something could, and should, be done about this and so they set about finding a solution. After much hard work, CRMC were able to develop the software so that a job in the help and information centre was now accessible to blind people.

They employed their first ever help and information centre employee and pioneer – she is completely blind.

This got the ball rolling. This new technology could adapt and convert existing software and systems, transforming them so that the systems could now be used by blind people and visually impaired.

CRMSee was set up to help bring this technology to the UK and use it to assist the employment of blind and visually impaired people across the country. It is the start in the long process of encouraging blind and visually impaired people into a mainstream workplace, and on the way, help combat the prejudice and stereotypes that come with the tag of being blind or visually impaired. We see the ability, not the disability.

CRMSee is a social enterprise set up to advance and improve mainstream Municipal Call Centre employment for visually impaired and blind people in the UK, through the use and integration of our uniquely adapted CRM software. We aim to become the leading organisation providing IT call centre employment for visually impaired and blind people within the UK. We will work closely with charities, not-for-profits, local authorities and government-led initiatives to ensure that the highest quality learning and job opportunities are afforded to this disability group.

CRMsee – Digital

Meanwhile, as knowledge in this field grew, so did we. We realised we could do more and created a side project to run alongside the software developement. What started as an experiement a turned into a useful web development program as we learnt the importance of not only having to create great software but also how to show the world that it exists. Looking at trends and creating interesting websites are now an integrated part of CRMsee.