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CRM System – Product overview

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which has over 10 years of development, has been specifically designed to not only deliver a complete analytical and personal relationship between organisations and their customers, but also has full "Triple A" level conformance to the 'Web Content Accessibility Guidelines' allowing blind and visually impaired workers to use the system capably and effectively. Our software can be integrated with any existing organisation's CRM software through a web service interface, to allow accessibility to blind people, and allow them the opportunity to use the system and database effectively through worldwide compatible screen readers and hardware. This includes such equipment as computer audio responses and Braille writing pads.

We will ensure all necessary hardware/software that might be required for use in the job by the blind employees is provided to them and to the organisations they work in through our working relationships with assistive technology companies in the UK. 


Through our partnerships with local authorities, charities and trusts we will assist in the training of blind employees to be able to use our software effectively both before and during their placement of work. This will include their continued professional development (CPD) whilst in their job, with training such as, learning to occupy an office environment, Braille, and new computer operating systems.

We will also, through our partnerships and associations, aim to help with the preparation of the offices and other existing employees to ensure comfort, safety and accessibility for all while working closely with the management to ensure a high level of work and satisfaction. We will ensure that all blind or visually impaired workers that are placed within a working environment have had all the necessary preparation, training and qualifications required to complete their job to a nationally recognised standard.

We completely understand the fear that is associated with employing blind people but we urge those that have the ability to employ a blind worker to think outside of the box and not just believe the stereotypes that are created about blind people.

Web development – Services

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